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Suggestion time: What should I blog about?

I haven’t been feeling very motivated to blog lately – I’ve missed the last two weeks of Iron Blogger, and I’m not totally enthusiastic about any of the items on my “to blog” list.

But, I do enjoy blogging when I actually get into posts, and I’d like to keep updating this blog. So, in a bit of a copout, and following in Edward’s footsteps, this is an appeal to all of you: What should I blog about? I know far too much about a lot of random things, so what would you find interesting? Here’s a list of some things on my list, areas I know too much about, or otherwise things I could blog:

  • Writeup of some cool techniques that are being used in JIT compilers to make languages like Python and Javascript faster.
  • Why technologies like KVM and Virtuozzo terrify me from a security standpoint.
  • A writeup of another exploit, either for Linux or something else.
  • A writeup of the process of finding and exploiting an exploit in some piece of software.
  • A writeup / internals guide of a simple Just-in-time dynamic translator I wrote to emulate a toy architecture used in some of MIT’s intro CS classes.
  • Something about git
  • A writeup on some feature of the Linux kernel internals, including one of the memory allocators, or something else.
  • Some random trivia about x86 architecture and ABI, with hands-on explorations

I’d love to hear what you think would be fun to read. I’ll try to follow-up for next week’s post.