Made of Bugs

It's software. It's made of bugs.

Made of Bugs  🔗︎

Welcome to the home of Nelson Elhage’s writing on the web. I am a software engineer with wide-ranging interests, and this is where I write about them.

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Here are some of my favorite articles you might want to start with:

Other writing  🔗︎

I have an (unfortunate?) proliferation of blogs and other sites on the internet. Here are some other places I write things:

  • Musings on computer systems, my weekly newsletter.
  • Accidentally Quadratic, a tumblr where I chronicle cases of software performance problems caused by accidental quadratic iteration.
  • nelhage debugs shit, another tumblr with an even less-edited tone than this one, where I recount war stories and interesting bugs I’ve tracked down in the past.
  • I’ve written for the Stripe blog about the distributed test running architecture we built there.