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BlackHat/DEFCON 2011 talk: Breaking out of KVM

I’ve posted the final slides from my talk this year at DEFCON and Black Hat, on breaking out of the KVM Kernel Virtual Machine on Linux.

[Edited 2011-08-11] The code is now available. It should be fairly well-commented, and include links to everything you’ll need to get the exploit up and running in a local test environment, if you’re so inclined.

In addition, as I mentioned, this bug was found by a simple KVM fuzzer I wrote. I’m also going to clean that up and release it, but don’t expect it too soon.

I had a great time meeting lots of interesting people at BlackHat and DEFCON, some that I’d met online and others I hadn’t. If any of you are ever in Boston, drop me a note and we can grab a beer or something.